A small DIY project and some pictures!

Hello! Well, today I made a small DIY for you, it is really cool because it is something you can wear. So, I got this white converse for about 40 dollars (They were on sale!) And just took out my sharpie marker and started doodling on them! It is something really fun to do, just look for an special theme and that's it! A good idea is to follow some of the shoes' patterns to pop them up and give some contrast! Today we arrived to Vallarta, and then to Nayarit! It is pretty hot right here! But the landscapes are lovely, lots and lots of plants and animals everywhere. I'll be posting more photos of the trip :) Well, as far as my camera's battery lasts! Me, the intelligent one -.- Forgot the camera battery charger!  Anyways I just hope it lasts for some days, because the evenings, the palm trees everything is just photographable! :3 Have an awesome day! love, Monica.


  1. As usual I have to look at your drawing details :) super cute

  2. me super encanto! dibujas super padre!!! :) en mi adolesencia tmbn me encantaba escribir o dibujar en mis tenis, jeans y camisas...pero mi mama me rega~aba y tube que para..pero creo que empesare de nuevo! :) XO

  3. They r soooo cute!!!!!!!! :)


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