I'm free! (well, sort of)

Hello there!! Well, I am really happy. Now we are officially on vacations!! So I can do everything I wanted! Well, almost everything. I got really happy now that  I can take my free time (which is a lot more) for making the blog posts. But today my mom told me that I won't be able to go out by myself until I am 18 years old... I don't really know what she is afraid of, there are kids of 11 years running in the street by themselves, I am turning 15 the next year, but well. She is my mother, she is the one who makes the decisions. I just hope she is doing the correct thing :) (Even if I die for going out with my friends) S: Anyways! I wanted to share with you some little doodles I made. I found this notebook in my school, it was almost in the trash, so I just saved it! But I just realized it is a pretty good one, I mean, the paper is sort of cardboard (perfect for watercolors!) and each page is separated by a protector paper. I was really lucky :3 hope you like 'em!

Happy Friday! xoxo, Monica


  1. Hope you are enjoying your vacation :D
    I've never gone fishing. I might do that in this summer too :)

  2. We are on vacation too! But in Australia, we have the school year in four groups, sepatated by 2-3 week holidays, and then at Christmas we have the big 6 week holidays! I am in a 2 week holiday at the moment, and the first week just ended! At least I still have one more week. In the holidays you can get so much more done, and I am always looking forward to the holidays for more blogposts! I just adore your drawing, mine seems so boring compared to your wonderful ones! xoxo, Emily

  3. yahuuuu!!!!! felicidades!!! :) salir de la escuela for summer is the best feeling hehehehe. si, las mamas siempre tienen razon ;) en que ciudad vives en Mexico? hayer presente tu blog a una nueva amiga que es de Mexico, y LE ENCANTOO!!!!! :) y no podia creer que tenias 14!! eres una inspiradora amiga...siempre sigue adelante con tu espiritu libre y creativo!!! you are destined for greatness <3 .

  4. Oh your handwriting and drawing are so lovely. I had to look at them carefully one by one small piece of drawing. And the black and white "the Beatles" one is really a hit. It seems like you use a Sharpie to write and draw?
    Enjoy your vacation :)
    PS: I emailed to you but I guess you are busy or there are also a lot of emails. As you said, I may get back to you in 2 weeks or so! Thanks

  5. I love your handwriting:) Your doodles are the cutest! Have a great vacation :)

  6. OH MY GOODNESS! Your blog is SOOO cute!


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