photography edition - cross process

 So, as my favorite editing program is gone (Picnik) I am going to show you another one I found like a week ago, it is called PicMonkey it has almost the same awesome styles for editing pictures, and the basic tools picnik had. It also says that collages will be coming soon. Well, I just wanted to tell you how I like to give my pictures a vintage style with the cross process effect. You just need a picture that you want to edit and then just apply the cross process effect with a 60% (I like it that way, but of course, you can always experiment!)  And then add a 80% of the Dusk effect to give it  a vignete style. After that just save you image, and you are done! Happy editing!
PS. you can see my photos in flickr! :)


  1. padrisima trenza moni! yo tmbn uso pic monkey :) ehehehe

    1. hahaah gracias Caro!! :D
      si esta bueno no?

  2. Picmonkey me encanto (:
    Pero todavia puedo usar picnik gracias a google +


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