DIY light bulb necklace

Well, today I want to show you a small DIY I made like a week ago. If you are kinda bored with the same old stuff we use as accesories, this is a cute and simple way to pop up your style, you just need a light bulb, some string, and silicone. First, just take you string and make knots as to create the necklace. Then, just apply some silicone on top of the light bulb and paste the string there. Let it dry for about 20 minutes and you are done! I really like the way this is an ideas symbol :) just a cute light bulb. Don't forget!! If you want it to be safe for daily use, just apply a coat of white glue over the light bulb to make it more resistant. Hope you like it!! Love, Monica (have a lovely Saturday)
PS: you can find another lovely light bulb necklace DIY in my friend's Gemma blog.


  1. So cool! I'm definitely gonna do this!

  2. uhm.. have you thought this all yourself..?
    cus you know my blog, and i posted a light bulb necklace too..:

    I like yours. Have you also always when you where it this feeling that it's going to break?

    1. Oh Gemma!
      I would never steal an idea just like that! :)
      Of course, I thought it, but I didn't see your light bulb necklace! I am really sorry, I mean.. I know how it feels like if someone steals your idea and presents it as owns! Don't worry, I will give you a link in the post to your DIY! ;)

      And that's truth!! Sometimes I don't want to hug people because I think it is going to break!

      Have a nice day. xoxo

    2. I'm glad to hear that,
      enjoy your day too!

  3. Cool idea! I'd be scared I'd break it though! haha

  4. Such a fun idea! You've made me think of all kinds of objects you could use around the house ... :)
    Jess xo
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