A new year... and a new journal!

Hi pretty!
Well, HAPPY January the 1st!! (:

Lats year (like one week before today...) I decided to begin a small journal full of ideas and some daily inspirations. (:
I think this is an awesome idea... I mean, I never thought it would be such an awesome way to keep my ideas trapped!

So, I took some pictures of it. I really hope you enjoy them!
Well, this is like the first thing I am doing for the 2012. (whee!) I am really excited... for the upcoming projects and dreams, the only thing I am not so excited is that my vacations are over. But well, I think I just need some more hours of sleep. (: 
Ready for school! Love, Monica

Oh, I almost forget... I will be adding  some buttons to the sidebars, in one of it I will post once a week pictures of my little new journal! (:


  1. I love your doodles too!! :D How do you write on all of your photos? Your blog is so, so, so cute! :)

  2. I'm in a state of sensory overload right now! Your blog is so adorable! Saw your post on Etsy, and of course, now I need to follow it!


  3. I love this! I always have a notebook handy to keep anything inspiring in :) Your doodles are great!

  4. Thank you!! (:

    I agree with you Heather! Notebooks are great! :D



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