A happy weekend

Well, today I had a great time with my best friends, Ala, and Fer. I know them before I was about 3 months old... we are what you normally call BFF. We did some things today and I want to share with you.
We went to Starbucks.... TWICE! It was the only place where you could eat in the mall, so when we started feeling hungry we went right to it. I have to admit I ate too much, but well, I like food so much! 
Oh... And I got a new purse!! (Yay) What about your weekend? 


  1. I got a new purse too! Glad you had a fun weekend with your friends:)

  2. YAY for a new purse!
    I want to get a new purse this weekend too :D :D :D

    1. Thanks!! :D
      Yay!! We all love purses XD

  3. Goodness those frappuccinos look DELIGHTFUL! I want them all….


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