DIY tape nail polish

Nail polish... well, you might know that this is one of the things I love the
most, just because I think it is pretty awesome that you can share your own
style and spirit with your... nails! I have found lots of cute places that post 
awesome nail polish tutorials (I'll talk about them in a while) But first I 
want to show you how to make this cute design!
1. First paint your nails with the base coat of the color you like, 2. Place 
some tape to make the shapes of the other color. 3. Let them dry... Don't 
wait for less than 1 minute, I know... you will feel a bit anxious, but wait! 
If you peel it before, all the polish will come out. ): 
And that's it! You're done.
oh, and this are some of my favorite nail polish websites.
(click on the images!)

Have a nice day!! xoxo. Monica


  1. Such a cute idea! I love the missoni nails!

  2. I always forget the topcoat :( y se me calle super rapid...buuu

    1. Me too!! XD (I didn't even write it!)

      buuu! ):


  3. Those Missoni nails are amazing! What kind of Sharpie pens are those? "Peel Off"s?

    1. Yes!! :D
      Oh, Sharpies! Yes they are the Peel Off's.




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