A happy day!

HI there!
Well, today I stayed with my friend.. Regina. She is like the most funny and lovely girl I have ever met!
(I made some pictures for her!!)
So... we did a LOT of things today, but the most we did was taking pictures and editing! It is something a love to do and she really likes how it ends so we were too happy!!
We were wondering if people (of course, the lovely ones like you ^^) would like a personal photo with an editing.. (:

So I'll try it. And I will do it.. I swear (I am like Dori from finding Nemo.)
But well, let's go to the point. To the 3 first lovely readers that leave a comment I will edit one of your pictures, just for fun! (:
So, please if you are one of the first comments send me your picture via email (monicutte@yahoo.com)
and I will reply with your edited picture!

Hope you had a lovely day!



  1. hey sissy! i am here to be edited lol :) but anyways i love your blog and i already grabbed your button :) God bless!

  2. Monica you are too cute!!! I love this idea-- and I love your photos. You are the reason I was able to buy my own doodle pad. :D

  3. Oh and me!!! (please!)


  4. Congratulations girls!! (:
    Thanks so much for your interest and all the support. :D

    I will email you. ^.^

    Happy Sunday!!

  5. thank you lil sis :)


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