Decorate your iPhone!

Well, as some of you could notice... I got a brand new iPhone!! (whee) So,
I wanted to make it a bit more personal, but in an easy way! 
This is what I did... I bought a yellow case that was on sale, and some
materials, after some minutes I got my iPhone like this:  DIY daisy iphone ipod celphone case cute, kawaii monicutte for the first lime.comThis is really simple! You just need some textil paint and a marker, just make
 a pattern with pencil, fill with the paint the colors of the case, wait for 8 hours
 (so that you are shure it is dry!) to mark the edges with a black permanent
marker... and you are done!DIY decorate your iPhone with daisy daisies, by monicutte for the first lime.comAnd that's it! You've got yourself a personalized case (Yay!).
Oh, now you can see the sidebar!! It is lovely now! Full of the buttons of the
project. I will make more badges during the week! Xo.

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