A cute video & a great new!

Hi there! 
Yesterday I was looking for little dogs in the internet and I got
to this adorable video! Enjoy.
Cute!! :D 
I have to admit that I am in love with that little dog... ♥  Oh, and the little
new... I got a package today!! I think it is a gocco printer!! (so ecited!) But I'll
wait for my mom, she loved the machine, so I am waiting for her! Openning a
package is always exciting! Don't you think so? Cute Pomeranian with package by monicutte(even Remi is excited...!) Video pothhound hand... monicuttemmm... funny story, you can find a small reminder for posting the video
painted on my hand! I normally write things on my hands... so I don't forget!
Have you done that? :) 
Thanks for coming! xo. Monica

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