Working on my new dream...

Hi lovelies!
Well, as some of you have noticed I am remodeling my small Etsy shop.
I decided to call it daisy smoothie, just because I love daisies and smoothies. (: 
This are some tips for choosing your shop's name! (just if you want to make a new one!) Well, this is the way I chose my actual shop's name. 

1. Pick a bunch of thins that describe you and you love. 
2. Start thinking and figure out what does that bunch of things tell you. 
3. Start saying random names while you are watching your items.
4. make a small list full of your favorite names. 
5. Choose the one you love the most! 
And with that you are done! Remember that it is really important to have a name that you love! So that you can make tags and some other stuff and don't regret your decision.

Good luck to all of you lovely crafters and vintage sellers that want to start their new business! 
Oh, keep updated! I will be posting more about tips for Etsy and online sellers during these days.

XO. Monica

PS... do you like the new header?


  1. I like your new shop look! And the blog header's awesome too :)

  2. Yay! (:
    I am happy you liked the new look!
    Thanks so much for your comments and support!!


  3. Luv luv ur new header! Way cute! I also likey title of ur post! I have ur shoppe as my Fav's & can't wait to see more stuff!

  4. me encanta tu blog!! :) me inspiras cada dia, gracias!

  5. Gracias Nina! (:

    Oh, y de nada! Me encanta compartir lo que amo con gente que se que lo aprecia n.n



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