Photography Lessons: II.

Hi lovely people!

Today I made a little tutorial for something I really like; well, since I started selling items online, I wondered how did those famous shops had that great pictures with a clear and white background! So... I started experimenting. The fact is that for those pictures you should use white sheets of paper (2) so when you do that with soft light and a good camera you should get something like these:
But you might notice this picture looks dark right? Just use a picture editor like picnik or the default program of your computer and make the exposure higher, also to make the temperature lower will make an important difference. After all of the changes the picture should look like these:
This helps a lot with the picture's light and color. The best program is photoshop, but you can also use online editors for this work. Remember that you should not change too much the composition of the picture, if not it will look weird.
xoxo. Monica


  1. TY again for this series... I already used some tips in Lesson 1! :-)

  2. You are welcome! (:
    I am happy this worked to you

  3. Awesome tip, thanks! I need to start practicing on this


  4. Useful tips. Always wondered how it is done. Now I know.


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