Photography Lessons: I.

Hi lovely people!
Today I made a special post for you, just a bit of tips for new photographers! (like me :)

Lets begin, 
For taking better pictures you should have a good camera, not too expensive, but a good camera. I am in love with my camera, I take almost all the pictures of the blog with this one:
Canon EOS-1

It is kind of old, but still works perfectly! 
Another thing you should have in mind is the focus of your picture:

While taking the photo the item you want to capture should look clear and neat; if not, the background would be the focused one and your image will look weird.

The light is another important fact for taking better pictures. I highly recommend to take pictures when the sun is giving a really soft light, If you take it when there is too much light the image will have darker shades; this make the image look sort of ugly.
Your position in respect from the object you want to photograph is something really important too. If you take the picture with the sun behind you, the image will look well:
But if you take the picture with the Sun in front of you, with or without a dog; the picture will look bad:
The best way is the one with a soft natural light that come from on side:
Please let me know if you find this helpful! 
xoxoxo. Monica

In this post I didn't use any special editor for the photos' look.

Some vocabulary you should learn:

Exposure: How bright or dark your image will look.
Contrast: The difference of light and dark between the components of the picture. 
Saturation: How bright the colors will look in your picture.
Temperature: How warm or cold the colors of the picture will look.
Tint: The color of the image.
Sharpness: How clear or blurry a picture is.


  1. Great tutorial! thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, these tips are really helpful! You take really amazing pictures. I'm a new follower, I love your blog. Glad you like mine :)


  3. Thank you so much Arielle and lovecrafts! (:

    People like you inspire me to make new posts!!

    Who wont love your blog?! (: it is amazing!
    I am happy to hear that! One of my goals is to get 10 followers!

    Thanks God this helped some people (: because that is the purpose of this blog (:

    xo. Monica

  4. easy and really helpful. Thanks for taking the time!!!

  5. YW!!
    Everything is just for you! (:

    I am happy about hearing that!

  6. haha yes! (:
    I'm sorry about that but with all my
    homework I make the posts fast and well, I have butterfingers!


  7. TY
    I'm so in need of this for photographing my jewelry designs! Now I realize my mistakes & with Florida Sun that streams thru my house I now know how to work with it!

  8. Thank you for the lovely tips! They were very helpful!
    Love your blog!! Keep up the good work!


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