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Well, today I am a bit, you know. Not so happy not so focused. I guess we all have those kind of days. The thing here is that soon I'll have to choose which career I am going to study, and it is a difficult decision for me. 

I always wanted and thought about studying plastic arts (which is like a BFA) and I even looked up some foreign schools and programs, but my father told me that I could not leave Mexico for studying. So I searched for a school where I could study arts here in Mexico, until I finally found the National School of Arts which is in the same city were I live. Until then I thought I had it figured out, I would try to pass the test and present my portfolio. (then hopefully get accepted and study painting) But my mom is not quite fond of the idea. She thinks that school may not be the best option since it is Public (and in Mexico our general public education is not the best). So she decided to save me a spot in Tecnol√≥gico de Monterrey which is my actual school.  

I don't think it is a bad school, I just think that it isn't for me. It is really based on STEM system, which is all different from me. It doesn't mean I am bad at them, I simply don't connect with those subjects as I connect with humanistic ones. Well, the point is that in "Tec"the only career that is relatively similar to what I want is Animation. And, though it is kind of artistic, it seems really different from painting (at least for me) and to be sincere I don't feel as comfortable as in traditional painting (I simply don't have the same experience, therefore I am not that good) So right now I am just thinking and considering all the things that this decision would imply in my life. 

I think I really need to talk to my mother, she is really keen on getting me in animation, but I guess that if I speak with her, maybe we will reach what's best for me and I can also explain her my reasons and feelings. 
At last, I just think we should do what we love and share it with the world because we are here for such a little time. But well, Hope everything turns out right.
Thanks for reading! Lots of love,

PS: Those are some of my latest paintings, the first is just an exercise of watercolours and the last one is my painting class' work in progress. (I am dying to finish it and show it to you)


  1. I know it's not easy to go against your parents' wishes. They want the best for you and your future, and art it's not usually something easy to make a job out of. I think that you should go where your heart tells you to. Try and explain your feelings to them. And if they do not understand, go and do it anyway. Maybe they won't like it at first, but I'm sure that as soon as they see how much you love it (and how good you are) they'll let you be. Parents are usually very scared for us, so we have to show them that we can make decision for ourselves.

    I hope, as you said, that everything turns out right. Good luck, Monica!

  2. Hi Monica!
    I think I was in a similar situation as you when I was choosing my studies. My mum has had an art school education in fashion, and she strongly advised my not to go to art school. she said, Yes it is fun but the job chances are indeed very low. That doesn't mean I agree with her 100% but she does have a point. I like being creative a lot but I am also interested in sciences (especially biology) and did pretty well in physics and maths class. I was also afraid that art school wouldn't be challenging enough for me (on a cognitive level). So I looked a bit further. Right now I do Industrial Design Engineering (in Delft, the Netherlands) and I like the combination of creativity and engineering (there are more studies like this, like architecture, game design etc). But IT IS NOT ART it is not the same and it is not as fun. But I do art a lot still, in my free time. I try to make at least one painting a day. And it is great as a hobby, painting in the evenings is enough for me to develop as an artist, try new techniques etc. I sometimes take courses at the culture centre of my uni too, I did screen printing, figure drawing, fashion design and now I am learning about ceramics. I am considering trying to peruse a career as an artist/illustrator, but I am afraid I will lose joy in it, because 'when you make your hobby your work, you don't have a hobby any more'. Plus I am not sure if it would be too stressful for me to have to manage a freelance business.

    I think it is totally possible to make a living as an artist. But I don't think art school is the only way to that :). But on the other hand, If you want to do it, why don't? It is a good way of learning about techniques and getting experience and getting to know other like minded people. It might be expensive though... And it is your life and not your parents' so you can decide. But it is also good to talk with them about it of course! Oh and by the way you can probably switch studies if one turns out to not be your thing. Choosing 'the wrong thing' doesn't mean you can't fix it and it is the end of the world.

    For me doing a more technical studies works out well. I think I am happier where I am now than at an art school. Teaching myself art is working quite well and I get to be confident about my future. But you are an other person than me and you have to make the choice yourself. I just thought it might be interesting to hear my view on it. I wish you the best! it is not easy but I hope you get to make a choice that feels right.


    1. oh and by the way there are also some really interesting talks/videos about the subject of art school on youtube if you would like to hear other people talking about their experiences. Here are two (I don't remember if these were particularly good or bad)

  3. Thanks so much to both! I really thought about everything you said, And I really thank you for taking the time to give me a sincere advise. I think I may go to the animation career, but then pursuit my painting career as well, and then maybe even some studies on Philosophy! Thanks for your time and words,
    Lots of love, Monica


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