Today I made a small drawing of Adelle, I really love her, her music, her philosophy! She is the kind of woman I take as an inspiration. I used Acrylics over fabric, it took a while, but I really liked it. (I just got new supplies so I'll be posting new DIYs) Also.. Today Mexico WON our first gold medal! Every one is really really happy right now!! I even made a little poncho for Remi ^_^
Have a great day! xo. Monica


  1. I absolutely love adele so much. And ur art work is terrific. I just made my own blog with my best friend getting inspiration from bloggers like you. I have so many things I wanna say to the blogging world but I don't even know how to make my own template. If you have advice please lemme know! Our blog is

  2. I'm not a fan of Adele,but this is great!

    (Also you spelt my blog name wrong in your sidebar,but anyway,I like the ad!Which font did you use?I've been looking for one like that for something I'm making-also,I'll make sure to put an ad for your blog in my sidebar!) x

    1. Thanks Jessie! haha and sorry, I'll try to change it (:
      The font's name is "Vintage Denim" xoxo.

  3. que padre te quedo amiga! :) ahaha y viva MEXICO!!!! que partidasoooo :)

  4. Clap! Clap! Clap! You did such a nice job! I love Adele too!

  5. Gorgeous :) :) :) And your puppy is SO cute!

  6. I love Adele and that is a really good picture! You have serious talent!!! x

  7. Which blogging site do u use???


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