DIY patterned headbands

Hello there! Well, remember the pair of jeans I cut for making the shorts? now they are some headbands! Yep, it is really simple and easy, the best of all is that you are recycling! (:
You just need some scissors, paints, and paint brushes. 1-2. First cut the pieces of the jeans into some long strips, 3-4. Combine the colors you would like and start painting your headbands, remember to protect your workspace with a piece of paper or a piece of plastic to avoid those small disasters!(; After that, let them dry for about 10 minutes and then you are done!! You have customized and recycled headbands.

As they are only two strips you can use them almost for anything, just secure them with a clip or you can even sew on them a piece of velcro, just have fun... possibilities are endless! Good night!! xo


  1. This is simple and cute. Like how you're so creative with those fabric :)

  2. How very creative young lady!!! keep up with the cool ideas.



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