Music love . Coldplay Paradise

"When she was just a girl... she expected the world, but it flew away from her reach, so she ran away in her sleep... and dreamed of a paradise"

Hello dears! 
I am really happy today, I finally finished my exams! But well, today I am going to start a kind of series called "music love" that will be posted every Saturday. This time the song is one of my favorites, Paradise by Coldplay. The video is lovely and I think the song is amazing itself ^^ 
Happy weekend! xo (Elephant print by me)


  1. i love this song too!
    But just to let you know, you've misspelled 'Coldplay'.
    Still, you have good taste :)

    1. OMG hahah that's true! (:
      Thanks for letting me know. I have butterfingers >.<

      Thanks for the comment!


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