DIY chalkboard mirror

Well mirrors are something important for people.. I guess! They let us know ourselves and make us laugh if we make silly faces (: 
So, I made my old mirror a bit more special! For this you only need some chalkboard paint, a mirror, and a circular surface
First take the circular thing and make a circle over the mirror, then paint with the chalkboard paint the mirror and let it dry for 5 hours. It is something really simple, but unique that you can make with any old mirror you have! You can always paint a bigger part of the mirror to write quotes on it, or make rectangles over it to use it as a normal board! Good luck XO.


  1. I love your chalkboard mirror and you also gave an idea to paint a mirror of mine but with another 'drawing' on it (sorry if my english is bad, it's been years since I don't use it). And, I must say I love all your blog! ^_^. I have a blog where I write different things you can do when you don't like what's on TV

  2. This is a really cute idea I'm going to steal for the mirror I use when I do my market stalls... thanks! :)


  3. oh, in case you're interested, I found you via :)

  4. I love this idea! But I wanted to ask you how you designed your blog I'm having trouble with mine and I tried emailing you but you never responded! Maybe I sent it to the wrong email. Ya so how did u design your blog and any advice because Im just starting out.

  5. Your mirror looks cute! I've got this linked to my mirrors post as well today, for inspiration!


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